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Adapting to life as a new mum is one of the hardest jobs in the world and we totally understand that, we have been there too! I’m Lena, founder of Baby & Beyond – Baby Sleep Consultants in the Wellington & Waikato areas. Together with my team of Sleep Consultants we help make life easier for new mums and their families.

With a focus on empowering, educating and guiding families experiencing sleep issues and parenting challenges, Baby & Beyond provide solutions from sleep, settling, starting solids, toddler behavior and everything in between.  

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‘Empowering the Sleepless Parent’

Our experience and unique skill set means every element is considered when working together with you. For those families with more complex issues like maternal anxiety, PND, reflux, and colic, our Baby Sleep Consultants are very sensitive to the additional strain this can add to an already exhausting and overwhelming time.  We have a vast range of resources and networks we can link you in with for additional support.

Get in touch today with your Wellington Baby Sleep Consultants and let us help you turn being a mum into the positive and rewarding experience you and your family deserve.

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Kerry, Lena & Tess

“Baby and Beyond came along at just the right time for our family. We didn’t know what to do about our baby’s sleep and I had lost a lot of confidence. Lena was so respectful, caring and professional from the moment she walked in the door. She took a holistic approach which made so much sense, and Lena’s plan was straight-forward and effective. Her follow-up care and support was also fantastic”
“You girls have been a fantastic help and confidence for me and it feels great to know there is a place I can go where I don’t know what to do anymore or seem to be standing in front of a wall I can’t walk around”